Mobile Romance Research Project

SEA plateau sexplores new dimensions for topics in literary language through collaborations with Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants, expanding research on the romance genre of migrant literature. It hopes to see a new path for understanding and discourse through cultural interactions between SEA and Taiwan.

Research writing on literature and art was completed by Sally Sung Chia-Yu & Sherry Chang Hsiao-Ling respectively. They then conducted analysis through the two dimensions of Southeast Asian “Migrant Literature and Linguistic Expression” and “Contemporary Cultural Expression and Topics of Communities of Migrant Workers & Immigrants.” Sung analyzed historical submissions to the Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants that were categorized as romance and also interviewed the authors to explore the social realities corresponding with their linguistic articulation. She went on to discuss case studies of Southeast Asian migrant workers as writers, narrators, listeners, or readers of romance novels and the context reflected from the novel; she also explored alliance and co-creation models of migrant worker writing communities in Taiwan. Chang Hsiao-Ling attempted to outline topics of affectivity in Southeast Asia, new immigrant, and migrant worker communities found in popular culture media as well as the social context of emotional modality and ideology in correspondence to related current events. Both research projects will lay a foundation for future curation projects as Sung and Chang hope to explore the creative potential from cultural interactions between Southeast Asia and Taiwan culture through co-creative exhibition practices.

Sally Sung Chia-Yu

Sally Sung Chia-Yu is a literary researcher and writer. She received her M.A. from the Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Tsing Hua University. In 2014, Sung studied museology at the School of Archaeology and Museology, Peking University through an exchange program. Her dissertation, The Formation of Taiwan Migrant Worker’s Literature Field: Using Literature Award As An Example, was awarded the Taiwan Outstanding Master's/Ph.D. Dissertation in Literature Award and Taiwan Outstanding Ph.D. Research Dissertation Award in 2016.

Sherry Chang Hsiao-Ling

An independent art manager, Sherry Chang Hsiao-Ling has years of experience in organizing art residency programs and international exchange projects, serving as the intermediary for foreign artists building local connections. Chang hopes to spread the social values and spirits of art through cultural exchanges and interdisciplinary networks. Chang also cares deeply about cultivating and developing art practitioners. In 2018, the National Arts and Culture Foundation awarded Chang funding under the Overseas Arts Travel program, which she used to visit art institutes and community art festivals in Bangkok, Thailand as an art administrator.