A Fly Enters. Immense Breath of the SEA.

A Fly Enters. Immense Breath of the SEA. is an exchange project with music/experimental sounds as the medium. Four curators/researchers and multiple audiovisual art creators from Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand were invited to organize a multi-event sound action to explore preconceptions of possible landscapes through collaboration, discussions, co-thinking, and questions.

The project juxtaposes the symbols of "fly" and "ocean" - one insignificant and the other of considerable breadth - to elicit the modalities of an individual's action or connection between individuals. With the world ravaged by Covid-19 and offline contact being entirely blocked, the Project attempts to explore whether sounds and voices can reboot the human senses, subvert potential soundscapes, and change the perceptions of existing landscapes. STUDIO ISOLATION (Thailand) recruited three groups of performers to conduct experiments on instrumentals and previously crowded venues that are now in lockdown. PANDEMIC IMPROVISATION (Indonesia) brought drum sets and hardware equipment to bustling city streets, residential homes in the country, restaurants, and cafes to perform and criticize how performances are valued in liberalism. A MANNER OF NEIGHBORS (Philippines) discussed how once annoying noises have become comforting sounds during lockdowns, juxtaposing the relationship between colonial histories, neighbors, and neighboring countries. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Taiwan) uses a culvert structure to symbolize our current spacetime that is being violently contorted by the pandemic.

Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC)

The Open Contemporary Art Center is both a group of Taiwanese artists and an art space established in 2001. Through art curation, interdisciplinary exchanges, research and publication, and resource sharing, the OCAC attempts to offer more diverse possibilities for interactions between art and the public.

Lo Shih-Tung

Lo Shih-Tung is an artist and the director of the Open Art Contemporary Center. Personal pursuits in artistic expressions and a passion for collective practices coexist within his work and philosophy.

Pix Goh

Pix Goh is an independent producer. Goh has more than 10 years of experience in producing and planning international concerts/music festivals/art & cultural events and many years of experience in branding, marketing content, organizing UI/UX, and building cross-border e-commerce websites with visual design teams.