Startups in the South 2022 —— Makers and Creativity through Video Making

SEA plateaus matched artists and new immigrant communities in Kaohsiung and held a workshop on new migrant startups. Through the skills learning and planning training for startups, the participants learned how Southeast Asian culture is integrated into everyday life and expressed in a variety of forms, as well as explored how cultural elements can be included in creative designs.


With the themes of “Southeast Asian Toys and Games” and “Food Culture,” the project invited new immigrants to participate in three learning workshops: video production planning, art and design, and video editing and creativity. The aim was to link creativity with the development of new immigrants’ startup businesses. In the video production planning workshop, the instructor guided the participants to write scripts and practice telling stories based on their own life experiences, setting forth people, events, and objects for the project. Then, in the art and design workshop, the participants discussed the suitable settings, props, and lighting for the studio. Finally, the participants were asked to shoot and edit videos with their smart phones—a tool they could access any time. The resulting videos will be used as materials for future promotional activities by the new immigrant associations.


Love Cuisine

Love Cuisine is an artist group started by Chang Huei-Ming and Liao Chi-Yu, who is also the leading artist of Startups in the South. They develop different art experiments and innovative research with other creators across disciplines.