Not Just Love Stories 2022 —— A Curatorial Project


SEA plateaus, together with independent researchers in the fields of literature and art, have developed a project that explores the potential for collaboration and communication between different communities, using the theme of affectivity as an entry point. The Southeast Asian migrant worker community in Tawan serve as co-creative partners and project participants.


Based on the research and creative development in the past two years, the project continues to link migrant workers with Taiwanese writers and visual artists to develop a more comprehensive curatorial project. The directions taken in 2022 include: (1)Art residency: A residency project took place in the Won Won Shopping Mall located on Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, where the curatorial team undertook field research and held artistic events, as well as engaged in interactions with the local Filipino community. (2)Literary co-writing: As a continuation of the co-writing achievements in 2021, Taiwanese and Indonesian writers were once again invited to co-write short novels based on the theme of love. Indonesian migrant photographers were also invited to create experimental renderings of the texts through camerawork. (3)Artistic research: Visual artists ChengJen-Pei and Wei Ze were invited to conduct creative studies based on the themes of intercultural marriage (When Spices Serve as Ingredients of Love and Marriage) and unregistered children in Taiwan(Demigod), respectively. The project team also published articles in Chinese, Indonesian, and Tagalog, and continues to update the project website and social media platforms.


The participating artists in this year’s project extend to Southeast Asian communities and creators in Taiwan. They are: artists Chengen-Pei, Wei Ze , Liu Chun-Liang, Wu Mei-Ch, and Lau Wei-Yu; writers Yang Shuang-Zi, Hsiao Chun-Yi, Lin Hsin-Hui, Evi Agustika, Tari Sasha, and Neni Triana; and migrant photography group WPC and KFIT.

Project Website:


Project Team

Project Coordinators: Sally Sung Chia-Yu, Sherry Chang Hsiao-Ling, Fiona Hsu Yu-Lun (SEA plateaus)
Project Consultants: Sean Gau, Dani Huang
Executive Producer: Nicco Chien
Visual Designer: Wu Mei-Chi


Sung Chia-Yu

Sung Chia-Yu  (Sally Sung) is a writer specializing on migrant literature, particularly those created in Taiwan and Singapore. Her writings can be found in the Reporter, the Fountain, and the Crown.

Sherry Chang Hsiao-Ling

After years of arranging art residencies and managing exchange projects, Sherry Chang Hsiao-Ling now works as an independent art manager with a particular interest in building local and native connections for overseas artists. While building these connections, Chang hopes to share social values and creative spirit. She also believes these connections can help develop new generations of art practitioners.