Seven Bodies and the Talking Sea —— A Creative Workshop for All Bodies, and a Collective Presentation

Seven Bodies and the Talking Sea is a co-learning platform centering on the politics of the body in the post-Anthropocene. It invites art practitioners to reflect and explore experimental writing and scores in relation to their artistic research methods, and to transform their research and creative methods into empathetic experiences.

A five-day creative workshop of co-learning activities in Thailand was planned for 2022, covering a variety of inward and outward explorations of the body, consciousness, mind, media, and environment. Participating artists across Asian countries transformed research and creative methods into empathetic experiences, translating knowledge into perceptual frequencies beyond words. All participants were invited to rehearse and flip around their co-constructed political spaces and relationships, and to imagine a possible future of coexistence. The workshop recruited 25 local students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds through a call for entries from Chiang Mai University in Thailand, and was held on campus and in surrounding areas.

The 2022 project was led by curator Esther Lu and the participating artists included: Chitti Kasemkitvatana, rlirl, lololol, Zihan Loo, Phuong Linh Nguyen, Henry Tan, Rice Brewing Sisters Club, and Yung An Wang.

Moss Piglets

Founded by Esther Lu in 2021, the Moss Piglets is a curatorial and research organization dedicated to contemporary art practice with a particular focus on alternative education and production. While facilitating cross-cultural dialogues and multidisciplinary collaborations, the organization embraces the spirit of collectivism, especially its shaping role in defining the value of art, advocating ecological integrity, and speculating future body politics. Inspired by tardigrades, a phylum of micro animals that is able to survive in any extreme environments with its incredible adaptability, Lu hopes that Moss Piglets will find innovative ways of creating a future that is more accommodating, flexible, and resilient.