A Fly Enters. Immense Breath of the SEA: Virtual Exhibition


The online curatorial project of the experimental music and sound project titled “A Fly Enters. Immense Breath of the SEA” implemented from 2020 to 2021 by Open Contemporay Art Center (OCAC) invited curators and artists from Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Myanmar to conduct an experimental online exhibition, to serve as a documentation of the project’s delivery and a basis for future expansion.


OCAC collaborated with Taiwanese generative artist Lin Yi-Wen to create a digital setting to present this online sound and experimental musical exchanges between Taiwan and Southeast Asia. The exhibition included video footages of four sound actions in 2020 and the results of the online residency in 2021. In addition, 16 joint creations from 48 artists, curators, and organizations involved in the project were selected and presented online. In addition to the works, the website also included four pieces of writing by artists and facilitators from different countries, reviewing the themes of their exchanges, and provide profound chronicles under the time in the pandemic and social unrest.

Project website:


Project Director|Shih Tung LO

OCAC Manager|Jing CHEN
Project Coordinator and Social Media Manager|Sophie CHEN
Project Manager|Yu Ling HSU
Graphic Designer|Shih Tung LO, YI WEN LIN
Translator|Ren Yu WU , Man Chun ZHAO
Web Developer|Yi Wen LIN/


Artists and Curators |

Wok The Rock | KOMBO | Merv Espina | Mariah Reodica | TEMPO | Shih Tung LO | Pix GOH | Noise in Yangon | Ting Shuo hear say | Soifa Saenkhamkon | Penwadee Nophaket Manont Bhakti Prasetyo | Caesar Daniel | Asa Rahmana | Kenya Bahana | VWXYZ | Alyana Cabral | Chrishna Fernand | Mark Omega | Mirjam Dalire | Miko Reverza & Carolina Fusilier (Ambos Mundos) | Stylish Nonsense | Space Telexxx (a.k.a. Yaak Lab) | Marmosets | Chiyou DEAN | Blackwolf Nagashi | Mong Tong | Sheryl CHENG | Ramaputratantra & Alica Han (SUNDIALLL) | Rani Jambak | Yenting HSU | Pinky Htut Ang | LL | Kam Seng Aung | Hsiao Feng LIN | Sammy Moore | Rex CHEN | P.O.E.M | Yujun YE | Alice Hui-Sheng CHANG | Musica Htet | SHEN Sum Sum | Anis Nagasevi | Mahasarakham Mid-field Artspace | Po hao TSENG


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