Always in Flow A Kuala Lumpur Arts Exchange Project

Always in Flow is an exchange project between Have Fun Creative and Future of Wellness (Kuala Lumpur) with a series of events curated to spotlight "wind, land, time, and sound," inspiring participants to consider how humans can live in harmony with nature and to focus on their own wellness and surrounding natural environments.

"Wind: Lush green leaves dance to the gentle breeze that caresses the tree. Land: Raindrops penetrate the soil to nurture the dark, rich soil. Time: Taste the flavors of the seasons as they pass by. Sound: Follow the sounds of the singing bowl and find the natural frequency of your corporeal form." Have Fun Creative wanders deep into the alleyways of Kuala Lumpur in search of diverse wind and land elements shared between the twin cities. The series of events kicks off with an exhibit and is further expanded through experimental performances, body movement workshops, and lectures. Malaysian audiences are invited to explore the connection between artistic expression and physical-emotional balance through the therapeutic trends of modern life. Art practitioners from both cities create a shared lexicon for creative expressions connected to the cultural mentalities in artistic creations relating to life systems, allowing the discussions and experiences of both parties to be realized in the form of consolation and solace when returning to daily lives.

Have Fun Creative

Have Fun Creative spotlights exchanges between Taiwan and Southeast Asia in art, culture, design, and cultural creatives. Hoping to facilitate an innovative economy that thrives alongside the natural environment, the team is adept with uncovering innovation from traditions, developing designs from craftsmanship, and discovering art within daily life.

Future of Wellness

Future of Wellness is Malaysia's largest sound healing center and DIY workshop that offers the public high-quality workshops for soap, candles, ceramics, etc. using organic materials. The Center continues to develop experimental creative courses on art therapy.