Vietnam’s Autumn Meeting Film Exchange

To promote professional exchanges between filmmakers in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, SEA plateaus has collaborated with Vietnam’s Autumn Meeting and Yen Studio to send Taiwanese film directors , feature and short films to Vietnam on exchange. They participated in post-screening sessions, panel discussions, pitching, and forums, with the goal of promoting continuous dialogue and experience sharing between Taiwan and Vietnam in independent film production.


The 10th Autumn Meeting was held in Ho Chi Minh City from November 12 to 21, 2022. The three collaborating parties selected Taiwanese feature films, short films, and filming projects to participate in the Feature Film Screening, Short Film Screening, Women Directors’ Forum, Eurasian Filmmakers’ Forum, and Pitching Forum. The participants and films included: Wang Yan-Ping’s One Summer’s Day, Tsao Shih-Han’s Neko and Flies, Roan Feng-I’s Jiejie, Lin Ya-Yu’s See You, Sir, Wang Yi-Ling’s Do Not Go Gentle in Taipei, and the feature film American Girl by director Roan Feng-I and producer Clifford Miu. Wang Yi-Ling also participated in the art film pitching with his feature film project Running All the Way.

Autumn Meeting

Founded by Vietnamese director Phan Dang Di, producer Tran thi Bich Ngoc, and screenwriter Nguyen My Dung, the Autumn Meeting is an annual directing and acting workshop that invites director Tran Anh Hung and Japanese and Korean directors and actors to serve as lecturers. It recruits promising young Vietnamese filmmakers and actors to engage in learning and exchange and share their creative experiences.

Yen Studio

Founded by Lin Yen-Hsien, Yen Studio aims to gather film and television production and film festival professionals to jointly execute Taiwan’s film planning and production. With a deep understanding and wealth of experience in terms of market, audiences, media, and video production and curating, Yen Studio aims to promote local culture, plan activities, and produce films to bring these wonders to more viewers.