Maybe We Can Assemble An Army to Fight Together

For this project, artists act as anthropologists, entering residency programs in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam and conducting fieldwork in foreign cultures as they attempt to discuss and respond to the modern societies of Taiwan and SEA counties through contemporary theater or other art creations.

C-Turtle Tactic explores the founder Wen Szu-Ni's own experiences as a "the Other" in Berlin, which prompted her to begin observing "the Other" in various contexts. From her own experiences, Wen realized that reflexivity is a critical element for facilitating collaborations between Taiwanese and SEA artists. As such, the project begins from the Philippines and explores the personal concerns and dreams of artists in the face of the current populist political environment and the background of martial law in the past with Filipino artist - Russ Ligtas. During Chen Hsiao-Ying's residency in Yogyakarta, visited places such as the Volcano Disaster Memorial Museum and alun alun square, discovered how sites and rituals are linked to individual lives and form collective memories. In Thailand, Li Cheng-Liang observed a wide range of subjects, from daily necessities to the construction of space and architecture. Li witnessed many exotic temples and unique craftsmanship and juxtaposed contemporary life with outer space, thereby creating the “Outer Space and Moon Series” to seek legends of outer space from a different lineage than that of Taiwan's. Lastly, Yaya Lin explored the diversity of Vietnamese spices through "taste" and reflected upon the commonalities across diverse cultures in Taiwan through similarities and differences in the spices.

C-Turtle Tactic

C-Turtle Tactics refers to migration, play, and action. The studio attempts to relearn the land of Taiwan and engages in international and interdisciplinary collaborations to inject new life into local art environments.

Wen Szu-Ni

Wen has an M.A. in Puppetry from the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art. In 2016, Wen was selected to participate in the Internationalen Forum Theatertreffen Berliner Festspiele, and, in 2019, Wen assisted the curation of the ADAM Project. In recent years, Wen has been focusing on the relationship between urban development and people as well as the memories, imaginations, and identification people have towards their land.

Chen Hsiao-Ying

Chen Hsiao-Ying studied graphic and book art at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in Germany and graduated from the graphic arts class. Artist books, graphics, and drawings are her main art creatives. She focuses strongly on how to translate psychological perception, memory fractures, and uncertain statuses into visual languages as well as using records and writings to comb through the emotional expressions of personal memories and the psychological motives and formation of telling a story.

Li Cheng-Liang

In his beginning years, Li and his friends set up Fuxinghen Studio. Their creative directive was clashing nonsensical approaches with different possibilities in artistic creations. His primary focus is on the present, providing annotations for living conditions and seeking directions for the future. His works are collected by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

Yaya Lin

Yaya Lin is an interdisciplinary art creator based in Kaohsiung. She's adept at constructing blueprints across different facets through radiative thinking. She incorporates elements such as drawings (illustrations), Chinese (poems, plays, and prose), body movements (post-modern, L.A. style) , photography, white face, installations, and Xuanxue into her works.