Collecting the Forgotten Kingdom 2022 — Creating a Space of Blessing

In continuation of the digital scanning experience in 2021, the 2022 project continued to collaborate with SEAT, a resident research institution, and Solid Memory, a 3D scanning company, to create a display space in the cloud and present the results of the workshop at the ASEAN Square (partial). It explores the daily cross-cultural scenes happening at the ASEAN Square in Taichung, Taiwan, opening more possibilities of cultural exchange through new media workshops and delving into issues like multiculturalism or immigrant nostalgia.

Under the theme of “Creating a Space of Blessing”, the concept of blessing was used to get to know the different life experiences and cultural backgrounds of participants. Then, through the learning experience of VR sketching software, the participants were able to draw the objects of blessing of their hometown. The series of activities were carefully designed and planned to integrate various forms of photography, VR sketching, and cultural cuisine, in an attempt to eliminate the technical threshold of digital experience and create a cultural exchange activity that allows participants of different age groups and professional backgrounds to gain experience in the use of new media for artistic creation. The project not only echoes the concepts of cultural and technological equity, but can also serve as a model for Southeast Asian cultural exchange activities and multi-experience experiments.