As Dream and Fantasy: Research and Experimental Project of Hemp and Cannabis

Fascinated by the wide application of Cannabaceae plants, artist KANG Ya-chu looked into the medicinal and industrial purposes of ramie, hemp and cannabis while analyzing their agricultural, manufactural, and commercial history. With the employment of brainwave detectors, she also introduced scientific interpretation to textile production and its associated memory. For Kang, science helps a textile artist understand better the physical attributes and qualities of materials.


Between May and November 2021, the artist accomplished 21 installations constituted by painting, sculpture, tapestry, and video and an exhibition ensued in the Garden City Bookstore between 11th and 16th of November, during which Kant gave a talk presenting her field works and art making. Art critic Enkaryon Ang’s participation on the 12th made the discussion powerfully engaging and more than 200 audiences visited the exhibition.

Ya-chu Kang

Ya-chu Kang is a multidisciplinary artist working with mixed media. Following her interests in fibers and textiles, she delves into fieldworks and document analysis, hoping to identify the remarkable aspects of her own cultural upbringing. As an artist with a wide range of practices, she has worked on sculpture, site-specific installation, textile, painting, and audio art. She has three publications looking into the tradition and history of textile and its application in contemporary art. 

For more information about Kang’s works and writings, visit https://yachukang.com